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Xmas survival guide

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  Coffee! It’s been in the news a lot lately, with some high street brands serving drinks with up to 25 teaspoons of sugar in them! Here’s my take on coffee…       As mentioned coffee at breakfast is ok when having a good healthy meal and it’s not the first thing to touch…
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Our Booking System – How It Works and Dos and Don’ts

          Hey! As our club and community continues to grow and develop I wanted to take this opportunity to ensure that everyone gets fair use of our studio and facilities and that everyone is using our booking system fairly, and crucially understands how it all works.   The Booking System Explained…
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Basingstoke Timetable

Basingstoke Timetable – A0

Nutrition Tuesdays [Week 3 Of 5]

How have you lunches been over the last week? If you are struggling then you probably missed the last 10 minute nutrition series email all about ‘lunches’ click here to catch up. We are now heading towards dinner… Day 3 –  Dinner.     Briefing – Typically dinner is given the most amount of time when…
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